Stabbed in the back. That’s what it feels like when I’m stressed. Like someone has taken to my shoulders with a sledgehammer and done their worst. Living the nomad life with no real routine or structure and extensive travel, while amazing, can be intense at times. Check out how I combat stress.

  • Sleep. I get as much sleep as possible given my schedule. When travelling I do 1 of 3 things. I either sleep when I’m tired regardless of the time of day and accept that I may be up all night bored AF. Or, if I’m only in the timezone for a short time and have a bit of freedom with my day’s I may just stay on my home timezone or close to it. Lastly, if I am in the new destination for a while I adjust as quickly as I can to the new time and stay awake until normal sleeping hours and get a good nights rest. In any case I aim for 6-8 hours per night.
  • Create a routine. As I don’t start work at the same time or work the same days every week I have daily and weekly rituals I follow so as to have some structure. Firstly I plan my week around my expected work schedule. Secondly, I have a morning ritual that sets me up for the day. Each morning when I wake, I rehydrate with a litre of water and take my supplements and vitamins then take a walk and have breakfast. Lastly, I have a daily routine that I fit to my work schedule. Every day I get some NEAT (steps) done, I go to the gym and I eat, not always at the same time or place but I make sure I fit it into my day.
  • Training. Lifting weights is proven to be great for stress and is my favourite way to train. Even my worst mood can be improved by a solid session at the gym. Some days, however, I just want to get moving so I’ll take a walk, organise to train with a friend or go to a group class and feel the good vibes from the people around me. However, not every day do I feel like hustling. I listen to my body and respect its limitations…sometimes I just take a rest day.
  • Nourish my body. I choose good quality food, drink lots of water and limit alcohol. My food and beverage choices affect how I feel, particularly my mood and energy levels. I try to listen to how my body reacts to the different macros and fuel it with the best source to get the best results.
  • Make time for myself. I try to take a few minutes each day just for me and do something I enjoy. I love to do hot yoga. I enjoy the challenge, the breathing helps me relax, the sweat makes me feel a little detoxified and I enjoy the small window of silence. I meditate, while I find meditation to be the ultimate test I do enjoy a guided meditation either to start my day or before I go to sleep. I use the app calm or headspace to help silence my mind, breath and relax…also I find the voice soothing:) I read, I find immersing myself in someone else’s world or in my imagination for a few minutes really enjoyable. I get a massage…”treat yo self” is one of my favourite sayings.
  • Be social. For me there is nothing more cathartic than spending time with friends and family.
  • Smile!