Sweat glistens on his broad shoulders and I feel his hot breath on my neck as we move into warrior two. Live tinder of casual hot yoga class? Why not both!

When I travel I love to do a class here or there particularly on days when I’m too tired or exhausted to train. I enjoy using the energy of the group environment to get my workout done. While some people may try a cooking class or a language lesson when travelling, I prefer something a little more active. It makes me feel like one of the locals and it’s also a great way to meet new people. Here are some of my favourite group fitness ideas to try when travelling.

Yoga. I love a weekly yoga class to stretch, meditate and breathe. I am particularly obsessed with hot yoga for the little sweat fest, the seemingly easier limbering up process and the mini detox. My absolute fave classes in the world are at;

  • Hot Yoga Copenhagen. They have a variety of unique classes in english, they’re in the city centre and their Viking Yoga is the shiz. A bit of flow, sweaty and strengthening. The energy in the studio is contagious, every time I go I leave feeling energised and refreshed having embraced my inner Lagartha. https://hotyogacph.dk
  • Bay Yoga Dubai. This studio has a great Bikram Yoga class and also something a little different… Inferno Hot Pilates, which, while not yoga it’s like a mini HIIT class without any impact. A certain sweat fest and also a bit of a laugh. http://bayyoga.ae
  • Yoga 8 Melbourne. The instructors are amazing, the energy is great and they have a range of hot and regular yoga classes. I love their kundalini class when I need a break from the daily grind to re connect with myself. http://yoga8.com.au

Boutique Classes. On my travels I have found some great classes that you can’t necessarily find everywhere.

  • Barry’s Bootcamp- U.S.A, Norway, Sweden, London, Sydney, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Milan. The ultimate sweat sesh combining hardcore cardio on the treadmill and weight training. For days when I really feel like cranking out some hectic sprints and a few free weights. http://www.barrysbootcamp.com
  • F45- U.S.A, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Dubai and more. It’s a 45 minute High intensity circuit training class that uses simple and efficient low weight and body weight exercises to shred and tone. A great option when I’m short on time and low on motivation. https://f45training.com
  • Bare Dubai, Manilla- The ultimate combo of weight training and HIIT that feels more like a party than a workout and burns up to 1000 calories. Not just a fave for that but also for the awesome vibe and friendly faces that make you feel like you’re part of a community. http://www.bare.fitness
  • Rise Nation. U.S.A and Melbourne. Revel in this 80’s delight, get your spandex on and hit this 30 minute versa climber workout. I don’t know if it’s the music, the neon, the climb or the fact that its only 30 minutes but I love it. http://www.rise-nation.com

Spin. Everywhere! Who doesn’t love a pedal! It’s dark, the music it thumping, the energy is climactic, the pace is varied and next thing you know the class is done and the calories have been burned. Rhythm riding is the ducks nuts, not to mention shoes are provided, plus at infinite cycle the bike actually moves with you. Fave classes are;

Les Mills. There are many Les Mills classes for all types of training but I looooove Body Attack, it’s my guilty pleasure and I do it everywhere I can. I love the fun and light heartedness that it brings to a bit of cardio. New Zealand is the mother of Les Mills, but you can find classes all over the world, Austral-Asia, Europe and U.S.A. I also am partial to Body Step and Body Balance. Body Balance is a great mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates but not too much of either one:) https://www.lesmills.com

Crossfit. I really enjoy the challenge and variety of the WOD and that I can go at my own pace. Crossfit workouts change everyday to include functional movements, weights and high intensity to suit any goal and allow you to adjust the workout for your fitness level while working as part of a team. . My faves:

  • Unit 27 Thailand for the ultimate sweat, tone and shred. Not just crossfit also a total body transformation centre. Offering a range of awesome classes to either lose weight or tone up. I love it for a healthy holiday retreat. https://www.unit-27.com
  • Crossfit Wanderlust Bali, for the great WOD’s, community vibes and awesome holiday calorie killer. http://www.crossfitwanderlust.com
  • Crossfit Boxes globally for their accessibility and ability to slot straight into the lifesytle

Unique Classes. I love me a cultural activity. Salsa in Cuba, no class required, I just got out to listen to some live music and got to dancing, the locals showed me how it was done! Muay Thai in Phuket, I’m pretty uncoordinated and felt a little foolish but its always nice to step outside my comfort zone and try something a little different. Learn to surf in Hawaii or Australia, I’m total rubbish but I love the water and giving new things a go.

No matter what the class or where it is, it’s always nice to meet like minded people, smile and sweat,