Ravenous…the story of my culinary life! My eyeballs greedily peruse the menu as my nostrils are tantalised by the delicious aroma of simmering foodstuffs coming from within. I can practically taste my dinner already. I love food and trying the local gourmet of a place I’m visiting is one of the true delights of my life. Here’s how I keep my diet in check while travelling without getting FOMO.

  • I try to eat only one local/indulgent meal per day. Alternating breakfast, lunch and dinner so I get to try all the foods. The other meals and snacks I stick to the standard daily things I eat, even when dining out.
  • I bring food and supplements with me. Protein powder, oats, tuna, rice cakes and a few condiments at a minimum. If I’m going somewhere I can’t take fruit and veg then I hit the shop when I arrive for water and a few healthy snacks to keep on hand.
  • I eat breakfast at my hotel most days. The hotel breakfast is my go to as I am low key obsessed with the humble boiled egg. Meaning I can have as many egg whites as I like but there are also lots of other options. If self control is an issue on that day then I may order said eggs to my room, even if they aren’t on the menu most hotels are happy to accomodate meal requests. Some days, however, I just make my own breakfast with oats, protein powder and the kettle in my room.
  • If I am being super strict and it’s a short trip I may take prepped meals with me either from a meal prep service or homemade. Pending where I travel and the length of stay prepped meals may be available at the destination too.
  • I track my food in My Fitness Pal so I can be accountable and monitor my calories and macros. I still enjoy all the things, it just helps me to keep the food frenzy at bay. I may not hit all the macros but I try to always hit the calorie and protein goal for the day and leave it at that.
  • I try not to let myself get hungry. Hungry for me=hangry, which, not only turns me into an irrational nightmare but can lead to poor food choices.
  • Despite being quite partial to a glass of vino or a cocktail I don’t drink alcohol every day and when I do I fit it into my days calories.