Well that was excessive!  Decadent dinner, drinks disappearing like Houdini and a hangover from hell.  Euro summer had me on holidays, loving life sick and indulging in everything life has to offer.  Cocktails. Yes!  Tapas. Yes! Rosè. Yes! Entire wheel of cheese. Probs!  Putting on my cute AF dress and feeling 100 in it for the entire holiday…unlikely.  Holidays are a great opportunity to let the hair down, sleep, de stress, socialize, try new food and enjoy festivities and adventures. That does not, however, mean I need to return with a few extra kg’s under my belt.  Staying active while away and enjoying these delights in moderation helps keep holidays as a nice break from the daily grind and not something you need to recover from.  Here is one of my favorite hotel workouts to get a good sweat on and prepare for the day of activities.

Equipment needed- 

  • Treadmill
  • Bench
  • Freeweights
  • Timer/Phone

The workout– FULL BODY BLITZ
using a modified 30/15/15 and treadmill E.M.O.M to shred max calories

EMOM- every minute on the minute

AMRAP-As many ROUNDS as possible

Superset-2 exercises completed back to back no rest

Treadmill EMOM #1Time 10 mins 

  • Minute 1 and 2– Warm up 4/5/6 km/hr. on a 5% incline increase by 1 km per hour on the minute
  • Minute 3Run 7/8/9 km per hour on 5% incline increase by 1km per hour every minute
  • Minute 6– Walk 4/5/6 incline 5%
  • Minute 7Run 8/9/10 on incline 6% and increase incline by 2% incline every minute
  • Minute 10- Rest 1 min

While resting…collect free weights 

  • Chicks-6/8/10kg
  • Dudes 8/10/12kg


Superset A1 and A2 back to back no rest for the full 8 minutes then rest 1 min

  • A1)– 5 x squat thruster
  • A2)– 5 x chest supported dumbbell row

Treadmill EMOM #2 – Time 8 mins

  • Minute 1Warm up-Jog 7/8/9 km/hr
  • Minute 2Sprint 20 for seconds.  Minimum 13/14/15km/hr. then reduce to walking pace or jump to sides of tread for remainder of minute- increase sprint by 0.5-1 km/hr. every minute
  • Minute 5Incline incline 6% and sprint for 20 seconds 12/13/14 km/hr. minimum Jump to sides or walk for remainder of minute, increase incline 1% every minute
  • Minute 8Rest 1 min


Complete B1 and B2 back to back no rest for 6 minutes then rest 1 min

  • B1)-10 x sumo squat to high pull
  • B2)– 10-x incline neutral grip chest press

Treadmill EMOM #3- Time 4 mins 

Deadmills!! Leave treadmill off, hold the handles for support 

E.M.O.M for 4 minutesSprint 10 seconds flat out, Rest 50 seconds

AMRAP # 3- Time 3 mins- Abs challenge round …LIGHT WEIGHT

  • C1)– 15 x Bicycle crunch
  • C2)– 15 x reverse crunch 
  • C3)– 15 x diamond crunch

Happy Hustling 💋✌🏼💦