Cardio or Cardi-NO! Borderline contempt and mild disinterest would accurately describe the look on my face if you told me I had to slog out a treadmill jog every single day for a week. That type of cardio for me can be boring A.F and legit torturous. Holidays are supposed to be fun and are the epitome of ‘treat yo self’, you name it I want to eat it, drink it, try it. When I’m short on time and high on indulgences I like to burn a few extra holiday calories by incorporating one of these workouts into my day. These workouts are time efficient, great for mobilising and oxidising fat and also having elevated EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption). In other words the shred is real while you’re exercising and your metabolic rate remains elevated post exercise as the body needs energy to repair the muscles and replace lost glycogen.

  • H.I.I.T- a period of maximum effort followed by recovery of variable time. I personally like the 1:5 work/rest ratio, 20 second sprint followed by 120 seconds rest. I use what I have available, bike, cross trainer, assault bike, rower or treadmill. My fave thing at the moment is the humble deadmill, leave the treadmill off, hold onto the handles and sprint as hard and fast as you can for 20 seconds then rest for 2 minutes, repeat 10 times. Savage!
  • AMRAP- As Many Rounds As Possible in a given time period. I like to use free weights if I have them available and set myself a couple of shorter AMRAPS as I find them easier to remember;) An example of a 30 minute AMPRAP, 3 sets, 1-2 mins rest between each set:
  1. 15 R.D.L’s, 15 overhead press, 15 bicycle crunch, time for 10 minutes
  2. 15 goblet squats, 15 bent over row, time for 10 minutes
  3. 15 dumbbell hip thrust, 15 chest press, time for 10 minutes
  • Tabata- Tabata style training is a high intensity interval of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. It has been found to increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways and while its only 4 minutes, it’s brutal if done correctly. I like this when I have minimal equipment available or have to work out in a hotel room. As an example: Choose 4-6 exercises and rest 1-3 minutes between exercises.
  1. box jump- 20 seconds on 10 off, times 8
  2. burpee- 20 seconds on 10 off, times 8
  3. mountain climber- 20 seconds on 10 off, times 8
  4. squat thruster- 20 seconds on 10 off, times 8
  5. kettle bell swing- 20 seconds on 10 off, times 8
  6. plyometric lunge- 20 seconds on 10 off, times 8
  • Circuit/Resistance Training- a series of exercises completed back to back with minimal rest repeated 3-5 times. The beauty of the circuit is that it can be used for either fat loss or hypertrophy or both. It can either be a free weight circuit modified for a hotel gym or if I have access to some good facilities I love to make it more challenging. I was recently introduced to a modified strong man circuit by my coach @apexcoachcoreybaldock and it has become my new fave circuit because it is hectic AF. Here’s an example or a modified strong man, repeat the circuit 4-5 times going up in weight on the squat and prowler each circuit if able and rest 2 mins between circuits:
  1. 3-5 heavy low bar squats
  2. 10 sledgehammer swing onto a giant tyre
  3. weighted prowler run
  4. weighted full body prowler row
  5. 10 rope external rotations
  6. 12 heavy med ball slams
  7. 3-5 low bar squats

Whatever I have available I use and make it short, sweet and sweaty!