Holidays are here and I’m saying Hola to a new city, new culinary delights and a hectic thirst.  When I travel I want to try all the things, go out for meals, be social with my colleagues or friends and have a few vinos.  I do not however, want to get half way through my trip and find myself unable to do up my pants.   I get asked all the time how I keep my diet in check when living the nomad life and I tell you it can be quite the challenge.  Here’s how I do it.

The basics

Be organized

  1. Track my food in an app like my fitness pal or my macros etc.
  2. Plan my day of eating the day before or morning of as much as I can. 
  3. Try to have at least 2 standard meals I would eat on a normal day consisting of healthy nutrient dense food. I make sure there are plenty of vegetables and lean proteins that are easily quantifiable. These 2 standard meals can also be eaten out but are just regular things I eat.  I then choose one meal to ‘indulge’ in the local food. 
  4. Check restaurant menus if I know where I’m going and track the food I think I’ll eat and any drinks to see what I have to play with
  5. Bring rations.  I always bring food for the first day and supplements.  Usually, a salad, some boiled eggs or tin of tuna and a bag of cooked rice.  I also always bring my supplements, oats, protein powder, condiments and yoghurt, some veg and hummus for snacking.  I never leave home without salt and light mayo, scales, plastic cutlery and a Tupperware container as my absolute minimum and if I have space, powdered peanut butter and other condiments.  This is a lot, but it can be condensed if I’m tight on space and some things I may eat on the flight.

*If you’re on an international flight make sure you put all powders and liquids in your checked luggage

Hotel hustling-

When I have a legit body composition goal I often eat in my room and meet with people after the meal to do activities.  I use my rations and condiments and always go to a local supermarket for vegetables/carbs/protein or pick up some cooked meat or fish from a local shop or deli.

How to make meals in the room

*If didn’t have room for cutlery, Tupperware, salt etc. in my bag I call room service and get some.

Breakfast-I have 2 go to’s

#1 Protein oats

  1. Boil the kettle or order some boiling water from room service
  2. Measure out a quantity of oats in the tupperware
  3. Cover the oats with boiling water and a lid for 3 mins
  4. Once the water is absorbed stir through a scoop of protein powder
  5. Mix up the peanut butter if I have it and add to the oats
  6. If I have berries, add a few berries

#2 Boiled eggs/egg whites

If I didn’t bring boiled eggs with me

In a hurry- Order boiled eggs from room service or if I have been to the shop. Boil the eggs in the kettle while getting ready; it takes about 4-5 boils for a hard boiled egg.  Then eat the boiled eggs or whites

More time- Boil the eggs and add either the whole egg or the white with ham or smoked salmon and whatever vegetables/ condiments I have to a roll/bagel/wrap.


Grab some local vegetables at the supermarket. Then use either the tuna I brought with me, left over boiled eggs, a cooked meat from the supermarket/local shop or order a steak/chicken/fish from room service.  Add the protein and any condiments I have brought…always mayo🥰 to the vegetables to make a salad.


Same protein options from room service supermarket or local shop.  Buy some vegetables or use veggies I have brought with me, place them in my Tupperware, pour boiling water from the kettle over and blanch them, then drain, add condiments and a protein source plus cooked rice such as Tilde if I need more carbs.


  1. Vegetables such as cucumber, capsicum or carrot and a dip, my faves are hummus, tzatiki and beetroot .
  2. Yoghurt.  I prefer plain Greek or Icelandic yoghurt or quark then I add protein powder, peanut butter or a jam to it for taste
  3. Fruit
  4. Rice Cakes


There is no excuse for not staying on track if you have legit goals.  Hotel hustling is also time effective, a great way to ensure you’re getting a least one nutrient dense meal per day and cost efficient. 

Happy Holidays xx