Be a pilot they said! Travel the world they told me. I’m thinking it’s all Catch me if you Can feat Top Gun. Lol! I wish. Post flight instead of a glistening six pack at beach volleyball…Iceman eat your heart out…I’m side on to the mirror thinking “where for art thou abs?” The reality is that travelling all the time can make me bloated and give me the occasional kankle. Here’s how I beat the bloat.

Drink lots of water! It sounds counterintuitive but I drink as much water I can throughout the day (1.5-4.5 litres). Your body can hold onto water so as not to get dehydrated, therefore if you drink water consistently your body will flush out some of its reserves. I like to add some apple cider vinegar to my first glass of water in the morning for a little extra boost.

Limit food and beverages that aggravate my gut. Whether that be cruciferous veggies like broccoli, carbonated drinks, lentils, chewing gum, dairy, alcohol or foods with sugar alternatives like xylitol. I steer clear of the things that affect me.

Do a workout and get my sweat on. Whether it’s weights, cardio, hiit, crossfit, spin, bikram yoga or body attack. I get out there and get it done. It is a great way to boost the metabolism, stimulate bodily functions and just feel good despite the twin baguettes it may appear I’m about to give birth to.

If all else fails…I find my sexiest sack and cover the bad girl up:)